• Environment: We find real life answers for difficult environmental problems  
  • Process optimisation: improving efficiencies while minimising overall costs
  • Waste valorisation: conversion of waste and/or by-products into valuable resources 
  • Science: We bring science to life, by bringing it into practice to reduce the carbon footprint left by industrial processes
  • Tech-driven: We choose least-cost but effective 21st century technologies where possible. Low cost high-tech is our way


Ecosystem protection: reduction of effluent going into the environment or into municipal treatment facilities 
Products: waste transformation from valueless materials into valuable resources 
Organic fertilisers: protein rich waste is processed and converted into quick acting, fast absorbing organic foliar fertilisers 
Animal feed: protein rich waste is processed and converted into high-protein animal feed 
Efficiency: as we transform process by-products and waste, naturally cost reduction and better resource allocation is achieved


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